Enjoy Llanes

The history of the town of Llanes is lost in the mist of the past, back in the 13th century. In the Middle Ages its name was Puebla del Aguilar, so, as a tribute to the rich history of our town, we have named our project “Apartamentos La Puebla”.

A monumental and seafaring town, the different centuries and periods have left innumerable and beautiful traces in Llanes: churches, basilicas, palaces, stately homes, mansions and monuments mark the town and give it a charming personality, proud of itself and very hospitable and welcoming, as a seafaring town that is, tanned in the hardness and goodness of the Cantabrian Sea. The town of Llanes is an apotheosis of contrasts, a dream place where every traveller will find that enclave, that unforgettable corner that will leave you with your mouth open. Because if you come to Llanes, you will come back.

Camino de Santiago

The stage of the Camino de Santiago that extends between the councils of Llanes and Ribadesella is full of charm thanks to the delicious landscapes that unfold before the eyes of the pilgrims and the succession of parishes that mark the Way. This section forms part of the Northern Route, which runs along the Cantabrian coast from the Basque Country to Compostela and is historically one of the most used by pilgrims from northern Europe who crossed the Pyrenees or disembarked at the many Cantabrian ports. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Los cubos de la memoria

The artist Agustín Ibarrola conceived this intervention on the concrete blocks of the breakwater of the Llanes seaport as a “full and total creation; an open work”. This great work of the Basque artist is a beautiful manifestation of public art, in which the landscape, the sea, the changing light of nights and days, the urban environment and the artistic creation, deeply human and subjected to the weather and the attacks of the sea, are fused into a harmonious whole in which the spectator is also an essential part of the work of art. Consult details here.

Llanes Beaches

The more than thirty beaches along the 56 kilometres of coastline of the municipality of Llanes constitute a natural heritage of incalculable value and beauty. Moreover, the great variety of them, from urban beaches to remote and almost deserted coves, with sand or pebbles, open and wide or smaller and secluded, satisfy the tastes of the most diverse visitors. The beaches of Llanes are a natural heritage that we must take care of and preserve together. Get more information here.


In the town of Llanes, gastronomy plays an essential role. The wide range of bars, restaurants and cider houses keep alive the flame of an ancestral gastronomic culture, a crossroads of diverse traditions that converge in products such as seafood, cider, cheese or the deservedly famous Asturian fabes, an essential ingredient of the traditional fabada. We do not forget, of course, the great variety of desserts and sweets that this generous land offers. If you are a lover of good cuisine, you will find your own particular paradise in Llanes.

Golf club

One of the great attractions of the municipal golf course of Llanes is the impressive views that can be enjoyed from it, between the Cantabrian Sea and the Cuera mountain range, the prelude to the Picos de Europa. It is a course of 18 holes of Scottish link style in orientation east – west and is located between the beaches of Cué and Andrin. A true paradise for golf lovers.

Routes and natural landscapes

Trails and hiking paths, ways, ancestral routes, fairytale coves… The natural environment of Llanes is of incomparable beauty and uniqueness. Places that are already evocative of their names: Bufones de Arenillas, Santiuste, Gulpiyuri beach, the Camín Encatáu… Mother Nature gave these lands an exuberant and singular beauty. If you want more information about outdoor activities click here.